June 29, 2013

Cool as a Cucumber

Summer can be brutal, and the sweet relief of autumn cooler weather is at least three months away. In the meantime, keep it cool and chic ladies! 

This cute outfit is sure to keep you cool, while looking fantastic! 

The chilly mint green flouncy tank, floral white skinny jeans, apricot lace bag, silver bangles, and nude lace pumps will have you forgetting it's 90+ degrees outside! 

Cancer ladies will look great with all the feminine lace and cool muted colors. Libra ladies are going to look fantastic with the pastel shades, girly floral, and lace details in this outfit. And Taurus women will look stunning with the simple, basic, subtle bohemian style!

For where to find these cute pieces, check out the links below!

Cool as a Cucumber

Mint Green Floral Flouncy Tank $29 | Buy it Here!

White Skinny Jeans With Floral Lace Print $141 Buy it Here!

Nude Floral Lace Peep Toe Pumps $30 | Buy it Here!

Apricot Lace Handbag $17 | Buy it Here!
Textured Silver Bangle Set $10 | Buy it Here!

Pre-Fall Fashion

Autumn is right around the corner--Thankfully! And to get you geared up for the cooler weather awesomeness, this outfit is sure to get you swooning for all the Fall 2013 fashions!

The combination of neutrals meets bold is a style match made in heaven! The Biker jacket and bold print pants bring an edgy element to the nude colored blouse and pumps. The mixed metals set of bangles and unique handbag made of seatbelts lighten up this outfit with a sense of funky fun. 

All you Taurus, Capricorn, and Aries ladies are sure to love this ensemble, and look especially stunning while wearing it!

Check out where you can find these great pieces, with the links below!

Pre-Fall Fashion

Flouncing Apricot Sleeveless Blouse $61 | Buy it Here!

Coated Skinny Jeans W/ Brocade Pattern $73.50 | Buy it Here!

Lightweight Black Biker Jacket $20 | Buy it Here!

Set of 12 Mixed Metal Bangles $15 | Buy it Here

Nude and Black Studded Platform Pumps $19 | Buy it Here!

Grey and White Seatbelt Handbag $101 | Buy it Here!

June 28, 2013

Go Bold or Go Home

Make a statement (tastefully, of course) the next time  you go out. Whether it's a night out with friends, or running errands while looking totally glam. This outfit is sure to make you feel like the confident sex kitten you are. 

The crazy and busy emerald green animal print sheath dress is played up with some vibrant red patent flats. Tying the look together is a gold cuff with a swirly design, and a basic brown and tan handbag. 

Best head turners for this ensemble: Aries, Gemini, and Virgo ladies. Aries women love bold, statement clothes, and are fueled by anything red. Gemini ladies love their fun and playful attire, which this outfit certainly matches. While the more self contained Virgo will love that this outfit fits their need to look impeccably put together...from head-to-toe. 

For where to find these great pieces, check out the links below. 

Go Bold or Go Home

Emerald Green Animal Print Bodycon Sheath Dress $70 | Buy it Here!

Brown & Tan Sloane Satchel Handbag $20 | Buy it Here!

Red Patent Ballet Flats $12 | Buy it Here!

Gold Cuff With Webbed Filigree Design $1 | Buy it Here!

June 25, 2013

A Little Bit Rocker, A Little Bit Bohemian

Whether you are a fashion daredevil, or as conservative as they come, this mixed genre look is worth giving a try. 

You've got some bohemian and hippy friendly pieces in this ensemble, with the B&W tie dyed maxi skirt, and the turquoise cascading necklace. Then throw in some edgy rocker themed pieces, with the white tank and silver rhinestone skulls, and the black studded handbag. Finally, add in some spunk with pops of more turquoise and neon, from the layered wrap watch and strappy sandals, and you've got yourself one stunning outfit. 

This getup would be perfect for our Aquarius, Taurus, and Cancer ladies!

Check out where to find these incredible pieces below!

A Little Bit Rocker, A Little Bit Bohemian

Rhinestone Skull & Bones White Tank $20 | Buy it Here!

Michael Kors Black & White Tie Die Skirt $60 | Buy it Here!

Neon Trim Turquoise Strappy Platform Sandals $19 | Buy it Here!

Black Handbag With Studded Trim $20 | Buy it Here!

Turquoise Multi-Strand Wrap Watch/Bracelet $20 | Buy it Here!

Cascading Turquoise Statement Necklace $18 | Buy it Here!

June 20, 2013

Comfy and Cozy | I Wear My Boyfriends Clothes | Under $40!!

As hard of a time as we give them at times, maybe our boyfriends/hubbies are on to something, with this whole dressing comfy thing...Who would have thought we could take a page from their non-existent fashion book?!

This look is inspired by Jessica Biel's street look. 

Looking cozy and happy in perfectly torn and ripped loose fit jeans, a basic white tank, and an oversized button down cardigan, this outfit was too cute to pass up re-creating! You can take after Biel and pair this with some sandals and a colorful bag, or add a pair of heels and an oversized bag. This outfit is like a blank canvas, you can accessorize it to your liking and it will still be comfortable and look adorable!

You can get this whole style for under $40, by checking out the links below!

Comfy and Cozy | I Wear My Boyfriends Clothes

Grey Button Down Boyfriend Cardigan $15 | Buy it Here!

Basic White Scoop Neck Tank $5 | Buy it Here!

Ripped Loose Fit Boyfriend Skinny Jeans $17 Buy it Here!

Little Bit Girly, Little Bit Rock N' Roll | Outfit Under $100

It's true, opposites do attract! The combination of feminine and flirty mixed with edgy biker, is lovely. Whether you're a girly-girl, a tomboy, or anything in between, this outfit is perfect for you! 

The centerpiece of this outfit is a gorgeous, romantic, and flirty dress. Rocker chic pieces offset the intense girly style of the dress, and add an edgy style to the outfit, without being overpowering. 

The lightweight PU jacket makes this look a worthy pre-fall choice. Or leave the jacket at home, and now you've got a cute spring/summer style! 

The whole outfit rings in under $100! Each piece is one you can use for so many different outfits, it would only be the smart and logical thing to add some new items to your closet!

Links to where you can snag these must-have's are provided below.

Little Bit Girly, Little Bit Rock N' Roll

Black Motorcycle PU Jacket $20 | Buy it Here!

Cream Chiffon Wrap Dress With Layered Full Skirt $28 | Buy it Here!
Black Peep Toe Boots With Zipper and Buckle Detail $17 | Buy it Here!

Quilted Black Faux Leather Bag With Gold Chain Strap $17 | Buy it Here!
Black Faux Leather and Gold Chain Wrap Bracelet $12 | Buy it Here!

June 19, 2013

Red, White, and Blue! Show Some Stylish Pride!

It's that time of year again! The time we claim to dedicate a whole day to celebrating America. Which, more often than not, is usually an excuse to have a paid day off work, day drink, cookout, head to the beach, and sit in a crowded area watching fireworks while sweating profusely. 

However you choose to celebrate the 4th, here are three looks that will help you show some stylish pride! 

Each outfit is under $50! With the pieces being so versatile, you can wear them over and over, in so many different ways, that you don't need to feel guilty over indulging your inner fashionista!

Links to where you can get these cute dresses and shoes, are below!

Red, White, and Blue! Show Some Stylish Pride!

Strapless Black and White Lace Dress $15 | Buy it Here!

Cobalt Bodycon Dress With Back Cowl $25.50 | Buy it Here!

Red Skater Dress With Flared Pleated Skirt $24 | Buy it Here!

Biker Chic Women's Black Peep Toe Ankle Boots $17 | Buy it Here!

Red and Black Snakeskin Platform Pumps $25 | Buy it Here!

Black and White Snow Leopard Velvet Pumps $17.50 | Buy it Here!

From Edgy to Chic | Head to Toe For Under $100

Whoever said that the shoes and handbag make an outfit, must have been under the impression that we have $1000's to spend on several bags and pairs, upon pairs, of shoes! I would like to take this old adage, and flip it on its side: The clothes make the bag and shoes. 

Each outfit below is under $100, from head-to-toe. For these, I found some hot heels and a vintage inspired clutch. Thinking I would have my work cut out for me, since these two items are very different, with different styles at first glance. It was rather refreshing that piecing together two outfits that mesh well with both styles, was easier than anticipated. 

The first look has an edgy, rocker feel to it, and the funky style of shoes and elegance of the bag work great to accentuate the rocker look. 

The second look is all feminine and flirty, yet the shoes seem to transform from funky and bold, to classy, enhancing the yellow in the outfit. Since the bag is feminine and dressy, it brings out the overall flirty and classy tone. 

Love these outfits? Check out the links below for where you can nab these great pieces!

From Edgy to Chic | Head to Toe For Under $100

 Black High-Low Dolman Tee With Sequin Accents $15 | Buy it Here!
 Vibrant Plum Skinny Jeans By Guess $30 | Buy it Here!

 Lemon Yellow Crochet Racerback Tank $8 | Buy it Here!

High Waist Watercolor Floral Bodycon Skirt $48 | Buy it Here!

 Vintage Inspired Purple Lace Evening Bag Clutch $24 | Buy it Here!
 Black Suede Platform Pumps With Neon Cutouts $20 | Buy it Here!