An Aries woman is a kind of force all her own--Those who have you as a friend probably see you as an inspiration. 

Aries prefer to live life to the fullest, taking challenges head on. These women are confident, bold, spontaneous, self-reliant, driven,  energetic, and enthusiastic. 

The Aries style is much like their personality. Ranging from daring to casual, an Aries feels most comfortable in clothing that doesn't restrict or slow them down on whatever mission du jour they are on. Excessively frilly and feminine clothing is something you won't find in an Aries' closet. 

Despite not being fond of overly girly fashion, Aries are perfectly comfortable stepping out in an attention grabbing, Divalicious ensemble. 

Aries Fashion

Red, black, and white are the colors that look best on these ladies. Red (the brighter shades) is most notably their power color, it best reflects their energy and spirit. Wear red with caution though. For those Aries who are naturally assertive and outgoing, red can amplify those traits and you could get too carried away. However, for those who are more quiet and on the shy side, the power color can help give them a natural confidence boost!

Notable Aries celebs: Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Lady Gaga, Kristen Stewart, and Fergie. 

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