The Aquarius woman is friendly, smart, independent, and a visionary. These ladies are literally, the cool kids of the Zodiac. 

They always look at the big picture, and tend to take a humanitarian approach. 

Aquarius women are known for their intelligence and friendly nature. So, they are always making new friends and are popular in their social circles. These ladies will take their time to form intimate, long lasting, relationships and friendships. While it may seem like they are Ms. Congeniality, they are only actually close to some of the flock that is always around them. 

These ladies are free-spirited and unpredictable. Possibly even impractical, depending on how you look at it. Keeping pace with these ladies is a challenge, to say the least. Your best bet is to channel your inner patience when dealing with an Aquarius, and step back while they do their thing. In doing so, it will prevent both parties from getting irritated with the other. 

Aquarius ladies set their bar of standards very high...for themselves and others. Usually they demand more from others than what is realistic or reasonable. When someone (or a situation for that matter) falls below their standards, these ladies get downright P.O'd and are not likely to forgive said offender for falling short!

Whether it's something they learn from someone, or the ability to share something they know, these ladies are innate thinkers and thrive off of knowledge. This is the main reason that Aquarius women make great leaders, and are a great asset to any team they may be a part of. 

Power and position are more attractive to these ladies, than money and luxury. These ladies do enjoy comfortable lifestyles, but are more interested in reaching the top of the ladder, rather than the financial gains. 

The "It Girl" Aquarius

The Aquarius ladies are both trendy, and trendsetters. These ladies are on top of the latest fashions, and the first to rock said trends...With their own personal flair, of course!

On the same note, these ladies could care less if a fashion fad has gone out of style. They will rock it until it comes back in style, and pull it off, as though it's still "in."

Aquarius women have a penchant for the 60's and 70's, so retro (or retro-like) fashions catch their eye. These ladies also love clothing that is bold and has a futuristic feel. 

Aquarius ladies love to be different, and aren't offended to be called  "odd" or "quirky." These ladies like to mix and match their clothes, possibly to a point that is contrasting or clashing. Either way, they will think it looks cool, and could care less if others don't agree. Fashion, in their opinion, is yet another tool to tell the world who they are as an individual. 

These ladies change their "look" often, so the definition of their style is constantly changing. The quickest way for an Aquarius to become bored and complacent is to put limitations on her style. 

Aquarius women can pull of neon colors like a champ, and never look like the vibrant hues are overpowering. Metallic tones like silver and copper really make these ladies glow. 

As a good rule of thumb, the more loud, bold, and daring, the better it will look on and Aquarius!

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