A Cancer woman is...Complex. She is peaceful, emotional, and passionate. She despises criticism and rejection, and will turtle into herself if she's been hurt, becoming unreachable to others. Treating these women with love and praise is the best way to break through her many layers. 

If you don't know her well, you would think she is moody--going from affectionate, to agitated, to calm, to stubborn, all within an hour. But do not mistake these mood swings as a sign of weakness, they simply feel passionately about everything and think with their hearts. 

The many phases of a Cancer's mood, wax and wane just like the lunar cycle. Only, without the predictability of the moon phases. You have no idea what mood you'll get next from a Cancer woman, and there is no pattern for you to anticipate what to expect. 

These women are the queen's of keeping their emotions and heart guarded. They take a lot of time when it comes to trusting someone they can confide in. They play their hand of emotions very close to their chest until someone is deemed worthy of their trust. 

Cancer's are cautious and do not make brash decisions. They will weigh all the pro's and con's of any given situation before making a decision. Yet they are creative and imaginative. They tend to have an artistic penchant--music, painting, mother nature, and the like. Whatever their artistic outlet is, it is their go-to since it helps them keep their mood balanced and in check. 

Zodiac Fashion: The Chic Cancer

The fashion style of a Cancer, simply put, is chic. Their style choices are determined by how they feel at the time. Their clothes are usually comfortable, and feminine, with a touch of rebellion. These women are always up-to-date with the latest trends and rock them in a way only Cancer's can. 

Their best colors are those that reflect the moon--silver, white, light shades of blue, and grey. 

Being incredibly feminine, the Cancer woman looks great in skirts and dresses, pulling out all the frilly stops. 

Since these women have naturally watery eyes, a good waterproof mascara should be a staple in their makeup bag!

Notable Cancer celebs: Liv Tyler, Diane Kruger, Selma Blair, Pamela Anderson, and Jessica Simpson. 

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