Scorpio women are intense ladies! They are very sensitive, demanding, alluring, and strong. These women may not always appear conventionally beautiful, but their energy and persona is impossible to ignore!

These women are incredibly private, and may have only a handful of people they let get close to them. Scorpios observe everything.  They are aware and in tune with their surroundings, and the people in them, but will never let on to what they may know. These ladies have an air about them that screams exotic, mysterious, and to proceed with caution. 

These ladies get down to the brass tax of a situation, and don't bother with the knitty gritty. Scorpio's need to understand what's going on and thrive off of being in control. 

Scorpio's are independent women, and love their freedom. They seldom rely on others, and would rather do it their way. They are attracted to things of power, prominence, and money. These ladies will sacrifice anything, if it means meeting a goal. 

The Sexpot Scorpio

The fashion sense of these ladies is mesmerizing and sexy. Their mysterious and exotic air screams sensuality to onlookers. Whether trying or not, these ladies can't help but ooze seductiveness. Scorpio ladies are some of the sex pots of the Zodiac, and are absolutely stunning when they play up that innate trait. 

Scorpio's will dress with purpose. Whatever they decide to wear, there is most likely an ulterior motive behind their choice. With that, Scorpio's are hard to categorize with their fashion sense. Since their choices are based on the needs of the moment, they don't necessarily have a "look." These ladies are the epitome of "dressing to the occasion."

However, maroon (or burgundy) is certainly the power color for Scorpio ladies, and they are intoxicatingly hypnotic in the luscious shade. Maroon seems to enhance their seductive, sensual, vibe. 

These ladies also lean towards a lot of black in their wardrobe. Which seems to do wonders on their mysterious charm!

Sexy heels and/or high boots are almost guaranteed to be found in a Scorpio woman's closet! 

Whether wearing jeans and a tee, or dressed to the nines in an evening gown, it is rumored that these ladies opt to go commando, more than most. And if they are donning under garments, you can bet they are some sexy pieces, from the lacy and thong families. 

While they have no problem playing up their sensuality, these women love to leave "something to the imagination" and have the ability to pull off that guessing game. Leaving you wondering and wanting to know what it is that they're hiding. If you're lucky enough to be one of the select few that get close to a Scorpio woman, you just might find out!

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