Have you ever had a conversation with a Gemini, and felt like you were left behind, sometime after they said "hello?" Gemini women can come off as random, scatterbrained, and seem to be all over the place. 

Something as simple as having a conversation can be challenging, to say the least. Their mind is jumping from point A to point X, back to point C, and then to point G, at any given time. No matter how chaotic outsiders may think a Gemini is, it's just them being a free spirit. 

These ladies are vivacious, positive, love to travel, witty, charming, have an array of hobbies & interests, and are open-minded. However, getting these ladies to firmly decide on something is next to impossible. They thrive off of variety, and rarely stay interested  in one thing for long. 

Zodiac Fashion: The Mischievous Gemini

The Gemini fashion is hard to pin, much like the woman herself. These women lean towards a style that is youthful, cheerful, and uplifting. Gemini's are often willing to try any new trend at least once, despite how crazy their friends think they are for being open to the idea. 

A Gemini's character is reminiscent of a bird in flight and fairies--there is just something whimsical about these ladies. 

Sheer and flowy fabrics wear well with their free spirit and playful nature. Yellow is their lucky power color--it's a color of communication, cheerful, uplifting, and stimulating all at the same time. 

Gemini's are drawn towards things that come in pairs, be it a passion for shoes, or a particular item of clothing in every color available. Represented by The Twins, they often have two sides to their personality, and likely a wardrobe that fits each side. 

These ladies have a distinct twinkle in their eye, especially when they have mischief on their mind. Frocks that most of us would question wearing are effortless for these women to pull off. The more glittery, sparkly, and glitzy, the better. Whether it's a dress covered in sequins from head-to-toe, or an exceptionally sparkly pair of earrings, these ladies are able to pull it off without even trying. Even bulky, statement, and gaudy (for most) pieces come off as natural and beautiful on a Gemini. 

Noteworthy Gemini celebs: Zoe Saldana, Heidi Klum, Natalie Portman, Elizabeth Hurley, Angelina Jolie, The Olsen's, and Helen Hunt. 

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