Capricorn women are methodical, disciplined, modest, and goal oriented. These ladies are aggressive about the tasks at hand and will do their best to get whatever they have set their sights on. 

These ladies are constantly in search of security, growth, and authority. They are generally positive, yet realistic, and down-to-earth. 

These ladies are traditional and outgoing, and like trying new things, or meeting new people. Capricorns are all about equality, and demand respect. However, they treat others with due respect as well. Capricorn ladies believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities at a secure and successful future. 

Capricorns tend to be profound thinkers, with exceptional rationale and reasoning skills. These ladies will think of all the possible pro's and con's before making a definitive decision...on anything. Making on the fly decisions is something these ladies refuse to do. Jeopardizing their security is not a gamble these ladies are willing to take. 

Family and friends are about the only people who stand a chance to deter a Capricorn from a mission she may be on. Most of these ladies will not risk their valuable relationships with friends and family, if someone is against something they have set their sights on. Although this is usually not a problem since Capricorns are incredibly practical, and set goals accordingly. 

On the same note, these women do have high standards, for both themselves, and others. Being resourceful and determined makes it an interesting journey to meet their standards. If for whatever reason, they fail to meet a goal, they tend to become melancholy. If continuous setbacks get in their way, these ladies will take it personally, and might have trouble with bouts of depression because of this. 

The Classy Capricorn

The Capricorn fashion, in one word, is understated. These ladies love their solid, quality, basic pieces, that can be used for a variety of outfits. 

Their outfit du jour, is largely based on what they plan to accomplish that day. Whatever her plans, Capricorn ladies go everywhere looking their best. She will take the time to get dressed and look like her sophisticated self, before stepping out in sweats...Unless they're designer!

Her style is to always looks well put together, and as though it was effortless. These ladies keep things clean and neat, whether the clothes were actually tailored or not, they look as though they were made specifically for these ladies!

Capricorns would rather be known for looking glamorous, rather than glitzy. They like their clothes to be simple and muted, instead of bold statement pieces. They exude a classy vibe, which helps them wear vintage pieces beautifully! These ladies like to wear pieces that bring out the "Ooohhh's and Ahhhh's" so long as the pieces are tasteful and not trashy. 

Cappie's have an affinity for handbags! There is probably more than enough handbags in a Capricorn's closet to match every outfit she has...And then some, just to be safe!

These ladies are cut from the cloth of dark colors! They look stunning in black and can wear it better than any other sign. Dark browns, greys, greens, blues, neutrals, and violets are great color choices for Capricorn women. White is another color they can pull off well, and somehow make it seem more clean and crisp than it already is! But, when it doubt, the darker the color, the better it will look on a Capricorn!

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