Virgo women are the "cool kids" on the astrology block. You can't help but feel comfortable and drawn to these ladies. 

Virgo's are practical, modest, intelligent, witty, realistic, and perfectionists. They are prone to being restless, which can make them cranky or nervous. Tapping into their OCD-like ways when this happens, helps keep them focused and on track. 

A Virgo woman's best asset is her brain. She is always ahead of the curve in wits and intelligence. She is a thorough and logical thinker, usually over analyzing every minute detail of something. These ladies have a steel trap mind, and rarely forget anything, so watch out!

Virgo's tend to be overly critical. Both towards others, and themselves. Which is a benefit to them, considering they are hard workers, extremely driven, and determined. No one is ever going to be able to give a Virgo more flack than they give themselves, even for the tiniest of faults. But these traits are what make our Virgo vixen's so successful. 

These level-headed ladies err to the side of being conservative, quiet, old-fashioned, and come off as introverted. They do not let their emotions take hold of them for long, before logic takes over. 

If these women have fantasies, you will likely never know about them. If they want, or dream about something, a Virgo is going to work her tush off to make it a reality. Fantasizing seems frivolous to these ladies!

Zodiac Fashion: The Virgo Vixen

The fashion sense of Virgo is uber feminine, and usually every way. Their knack for precision, and their eye for detail means they effortlessly become style icons. They are months ahead on the newest trends, and rarely have any fashion faux pas. 

The Virgo's meticulous ways leads them to having the most well put together outfits, cleanest manicures, and most flawless makeup. Even the Virgo anomaly's who seem messy and disorganized, have put planning into their disarray. 

The best look for a Virgo are patterns and prints. They can pull off anything from tasteful pinstripes to contrasting prints. And they can pull it off with style, like no other. They look particularly amazing in animal prints, and fur, if you're into that. 

On the flip side, much like their down-to-Earth nature, Virgo's tend to be drawn to sensible clothing, in earthy tones--browns, greens, navy, and more neutral colors. 

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