Taurean women bring new meaning to determination and tenacity. When a Taurus woman sets her mind to something, it will take an act of God to stop her from getting what she sets her sights on. In doing this, she relies on her independent self, rather than enlisting the help of others. Some may call these ladies stubborn (like a bull...), but they simply see it as being patient. Go figure!

The Taurus loves all the little luxuries life has to offer. Be it fine wine, or pure silk. These women are crazy about beauty, pampering, and self indulgence. However, their knack for common sense and being realistic will earn them these luxuries through hard work. They would sooner go without the elegance (to their dismay), before going into debt over trying to get it. 

Zodiac Fashion: The Tenacious Taurus

A Taurus is naturally beautiful and has an Earthy, natural appeal to them. Some Taurus probably coined the motto "less is more," because that certainly applies to the style of these ladies. 

Their makeup is fresh and feminine, yet simple and classy. They love the flowy, earthy, natural flair, of the Bohemian style, and never look frumpy in this style. Solid, geometric prints work well with this sign as well, and suits their immovable, steadfast personality. 

Pastel colors always look stunning on a Taurus, and plays up their feminine side beautifully. These women have an affinity to most things floral, be it prints or donning flowers in their hair, flowers + Taurus = perfect match. Larger, more bold prints pair nice with those who are more outgoing and forward. Smaller, dainty prints, are suited best for those who are more reserved or "girly-girls."

Noteworthy Taurean Celebs: Kirsten Dunst, Jessica Alba, Miranda Kerr, Uma Therman, and Megan Fox. 

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