Sagittarius women are free spirited, incessantly curious, open minded, and honest. These ladies will seek the truth in all circumstances, rather than blindly accept the popular opinion. 

These ladies take criticism well, and will listen to what is said with open ears, making any changes that make sense to them. They are always in search of ways to better themselves. 

Not often thinking before they speak, their words can sting. But it's not meant to be malicious, they simply believe that the truth needs to be said, regardless of how harsh it may seem. This philosophy usually ends up hurting loved ones, from their direct, sharp, comments. 

Sagittarius women are independent and live in the present. If possible, these ladies will avoid situations that may compromise their freedom. At all costs. They can't stand to be tied down. Be it with work, friends, or relationships. 

Romantic relationships for these ladies is something that they are perfectly content with, or without. But if they are in a relationship, they commit and give it 110%. 

These ladies are also highly intuitive, and equipped with good judgement and foresight. So, when they commit to something, they carry it through to fruition. And if plan A is a bust, they will move down the chain through plan X, if need be. However, plan B is usually sufficient enough, if their initial plan doesn't pan out. 

Which now speaks to their tendency to be impatient. These ladies will rush to get something done...Yesterday. Usually getting irritated at the slightest hurdle that might slow them down. 

The Casual Sagittarius

The style of these ladies is casual, and free spirited, much like the woman herself. 

The top priority on their fashion list is comfort. They absolutely adore jeans, oversized t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets. These ladies probably have a small collection of sneakers in their closets, which goes with their athletic nature. 

Purple is their power color. Whether it's the pastel shades of lilac, or the deep shades of amethyst, these ladies can wear any shade of purple like a pro. 

Speaking to their sign, The Archer, Sagittarius women gravitate towards outdoorsy looks. Anything flannel, leather, made of natural fibers, or knits are often worn by these ladies. 

As much as these ladies love their casual, borderline sporty, clothes, they maintain a clean and fresh appearance. They are not frumpy, or lazy about the outfits they put together. 

Sagittarius ladies put little effort into making sure their clothes match, per se, however they still pull off trendy. These ladies may not care much about fashion, and prefer sneakers over heels, nonethless when dressed up, they know how to turn heads!

Their colorful wardrobe, mixed with their carefree optimism, often brings a smile to those they are around!

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