Pisces women are spiritual, emotional, dreamers, and romantic. These ladies are masters of the subconscious mind, and have a sense of mysticism about them. 

These ladies are incredibly creative and rely heavily on their outlet to release their creativity. Whatever their notable creative spark is, it is usually an extension of their personality, and reflects their emotional state at the time. 

Pisces ladies love unconditionally and require the same in return. They need to feel safe and protected, and need to be treated carefully. Since they are so emotional, this leads to them being rather sensitive and vulnerable in some sense. However, if provoked (no matter how slight), their temper will come out and they will have no problem writing you off for bringing out their negative side. 

Decisive and practical are not traits a Pisces seems to possess. These women will happily just go with the flow, making the most of where it takes them. Even though these ladies can have a temper, if they are able to avoid confrontation or an argument, they will gladly steer clear in the opposite direction, if it can be helped. 

A Pisces woman will form a certain dependency on people who offer them a shoulder to lean on. Being too trusting, mixed with a certain naivety, these women are not known for having the best judgment when it comes to relationships. They tend to get romantically involved with people who are not always good for them. Being the sensitive and vulnerable women that they are, they tend to attract a lot of interested people, and unfortunately, some of these people do not have her best interests at heart. 

The Pisces Dreamer

The style of a Pisces has a romantic feel. She will usually opt for a dress over a pantsuit anyday!

These ladies have a penchant for shoes, to the point where that is probably the most abundant item in their closets. She probably even has several colors of the same shoes. 

Pisces ladies love jewelry, and border on wearing too much at a time. Silver, gold, and sparkly gems, are these ladies favorite accessories. 

Using their innate sixth sense, these ladies can see trends coming, long before they become popular. 

Pisces tend to take their dreams and turn them into something tangible, with her clothes. Which ties into the romantic style of these ladies. They love silks, chiffons, and other flouncy materials. 

The best color for these ladies are colors that resemble her wheel house...The sea--Blue-greens are stunning colors on these ladies. Teal, turquoise, light blue, sea foam green, are the best shades for a Pisces!

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