June 19, 2013

Red, White, and Blue! Show Some Stylish Pride!

It's that time of year again! The time we claim to dedicate a whole day to celebrating America. Which, more often than not, is usually an excuse to have a paid day off work, day drink, cookout, head to the beach, and sit in a crowded area watching fireworks while sweating profusely. 

However you choose to celebrate the 4th, here are three looks that will help you show some stylish pride! 

Each outfit is under $50! With the pieces being so versatile, you can wear them over and over, in so many different ways, that you don't need to feel guilty over indulging your inner fashionista!

Links to where you can get these cute dresses and shoes, are below!

Red, White, and Blue! Show Some Stylish Pride!

Strapless Black and White Lace Dress $15 | Buy it Here!

Cobalt Bodycon Dress With Back Cowl $25.50 | Buy it Here!

Red Skater Dress With Flared Pleated Skirt $24 | Buy it Here!

Biker Chic Women's Black Peep Toe Ankle Boots $17 | Buy it Here!

Red and Black Snakeskin Platform Pumps $25 | Buy it Here!

Black and White Snow Leopard Velvet Pumps $17.50 | Buy it Here!

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