June 19, 2013

From Edgy to Chic | Head to Toe For Under $100

Whoever said that the shoes and handbag make an outfit, must have been under the impression that we have $1000's to spend on several bags and pairs, upon pairs, of shoes! I would like to take this old adage, and flip it on its side: The clothes make the bag and shoes. 

Each outfit below is under $100, from head-to-toe. For these, I found some hot heels and a vintage inspired clutch. Thinking I would have my work cut out for me, since these two items are very different, with different styles at first glance. It was rather refreshing that piecing together two outfits that mesh well with both styles, was easier than anticipated. 

The first look has an edgy, rocker feel to it, and the funky style of shoes and elegance of the bag work great to accentuate the rocker look. 

The second look is all feminine and flirty, yet the shoes seem to transform from funky and bold, to classy, enhancing the yellow in the outfit. Since the bag is feminine and dressy, it brings out the overall flirty and classy tone. 

Love these outfits? Check out the links below for where you can nab these great pieces!

From Edgy to Chic | Head to Toe For Under $100

 Black High-Low Dolman Tee With Sequin Accents $15 | Buy it Here!
 Vibrant Plum Skinny Jeans By Guess $30 | Buy it Here!

 Lemon Yellow Crochet Racerback Tank $8 | Buy it Here!

High Waist Watercolor Floral Bodycon Skirt $48 | Buy it Here!

 Vintage Inspired Purple Lace Evening Bag Clutch $24 | Buy it Here!
 Black Suede Platform Pumps With Neon Cutouts $20 | Buy it Here!

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