June 25, 2013

A Little Bit Rocker, A Little Bit Bohemian

Whether you are a fashion daredevil, or as conservative as they come, this mixed genre look is worth giving a try. 

You've got some bohemian and hippy friendly pieces in this ensemble, with the B&W tie dyed maxi skirt, and the turquoise cascading necklace. Then throw in some edgy rocker themed pieces, with the white tank and silver rhinestone skulls, and the black studded handbag. Finally, add in some spunk with pops of more turquoise and neon, from the layered wrap watch and strappy sandals, and you've got yourself one stunning outfit. 

This getup would be perfect for our Aquarius, Taurus, and Cancer ladies!

Check out where to find these incredible pieces below!

A Little Bit Rocker, A Little Bit Bohemian

Rhinestone Skull & Bones White Tank $20 | Buy it Here!

Michael Kors Black & White Tie Die Skirt $60 | Buy it Here!

Neon Trim Turquoise Strappy Platform Sandals $19 | Buy it Here!

Black Handbag With Studded Trim $20 | Buy it Here!

Turquoise Multi-Strand Wrap Watch/Bracelet $20 | Buy it Here!

Cascading Turquoise Statement Necklace $18 | Buy it Here!

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