June 16, 2013

Welcome to The Bargain Goddess | Women's Fashion Sale Detective

Hi all! Welcome to The Bargain Goddess! This blog is where I take my inherent detective-like skills to bring you all the latest and greatest online fashion sales and bargains. 

If you're like any other female I know, you probably love finding a good deal that double's at satisfying your inner fashionista. Right? Or maybe, like the rest of the majority, you need to make some cutbacks to your budget, and fashion is the only place that has any room to be reduced. Whatever your reason; whether you're a newbie to bargains or a seasoned vet, all frugal fashionista's are welcome and will surely find a deal they just can't pass up, here at The Bargain Goddess!

Partly because of boredom, and a lot of spare time, I scour online for incredible sales, deals, and bargains, related to all things fashion, home decor, kids items, maternity wear, plus size clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and miscellaneous accessories. These come from a variety of sources, (completely non-sponsored sources, unless otherwise noted) that I will pass on to you. 

Why would I do that, if there's no benefit to me? Well, I'm a fellow fashionista, only, trapped in a self conscious tomboy's body. I LOVE to look at all the cute clothes, shoes, purses, and such, but can never seem to muster up the confidence to pull off wearing any of it. So I figure, since I seem to have a knack for finding great deals, why not share them with people who will actually have a use for them?!

Which is where you come into play! After all, you do love a great deal! I aim to provide quality items that just happen to be incredibly priced. There are no "knock-off's" or "replica's." Those terms just belittle any possible high quality of a piece. The sales shared could be anything from long lost twins of designer fashion, a great bargain from a small name designer, or anything in between. 

Deals will be posted daily, if not a few times a day. If you want to keep up with all of my great finds, be sure to subscribe to this blog, so you never have to miss a sale! Besides, it's so much easier than bookmarking and hoping you remember to check back!

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Again, welcome all fellow frugal fashionista's! 


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