June 18, 2013

Get the Look: Kristin Cavallari Summer Street Style | Under $75!!

Whether you love her or hate her, the fact is, Kristin Cavallari does know how to dress. There have been few times when she isn't looking stylish and cute. No matter how unfortunate that may be! 

Check out this momma's classy, yet cute look from last month (May 2013), when she was spotted out and about. 

The combination of feminine, business casual, fun, and flirty, is the perfect summer look! Running errands, or having a girls night with friends, this outfit is so versatile, it's perfect for most occasions! 

I can't even begin to wrap my head around the thousands the fashionable outfit probably costs. The Chanel bag alone, retails at least $2000! I don't know about you, but that designer handbag is more than our monthly bills...Well, the one's we keep up with, anyway! 

But since this outfit is just too cute to collect dust on our wishlist, check out the affordable and just as stylish version below! 

Keep scrolling for inks to where you can find these pieces, to add to your own summer wardrobe!

Get the Look: Kristin Cavallari Summer Street Style | Under $75!!

 Sheer Black Sleeveless, Button-Up, Blouse $15 | Buy it Here!

 Black and White Geometric Print Shorts $9.99 | Buy it Here!

 Black Strappy Wedge Sandals with Neutrals Platform $20.99 | Buy it Here!

 Faux Leather Black Quilted Handbag with Chain Strap $16.99 | Buy it Here!

 Gold Bangle Bracelet Set $8 | Buy it Here!

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